A mobile commerce revolution: carrier billing

MEF, Mobile Content and Commerce Global Organization, highlights Neomobile vision on direct carrier billing in this post from CEO Gianluca D’Agostino

Our company, a global leader in Mobile commerce industry, is constantly empowering international networks and organizations that drive the mobile market growth. MEF, a global community for companies wishing to monetize via mobile, is surely one of the most important ones. As a years long member, Neomobile is contributing not only in regional and business development related activities, but also as an avid promoter of new innovative monetization models, such as Carrier billing.

Last week MEF Minute, the blog promoting the latest from the Mobile content and commerce world, featured the insight by Gianluca D’Agostino, our CEO, entitled “A mobile commerce revolution: carrier billing“, highlighting all the basics of this important mobile payment method.

The article also features our infographic with the most important facts & figures on Carrier billing.

Neomobile CEO MEF

Visit MEF Minute for full article.