Neomobile and Crossrider partner in innovative advertising technology for mobile commerce

The successful partnership between two mobile experts demonstrates the advantages of companies and technologies ‘born mobile’ over those who need to adapt from other online platforms

The successful Neomobile and Crossrider partnership in promoting innovative advertising technology for mobile commerce is significant enough to see our company take the position of top advertiser in a number of European and Latin American countries for Crossrider’s mobile activities.

The two companies chose to partner in the development of innovative mobile platforms. Neomobile uses DefinitiMedia as one of several ad networks to promote its merchant clients, driving revenue to the merchants. Encouraged by this success, we integrated directly into Crossrider’s programmatic media buying platform – Ajillion. This integration allows our company to focus on its core activity of user acquisition while the Ajillion technology increases our mobile commerce conversion rates using its efficient and wide reaching programmatic media buying algorithms.

Long established in the online space, programmatic buying is newer to the mobile arena. Together Neomobile and Crossrider have not only proved the material value of their technology approach and collaboration but also have high strategic hopes for the development of both companies as online advertising continues to move to mobile.

The key point in this partnership is the fact that both companies were ‘born mobile’, and therefore have benefitted from first mover advantage. The speed of their success is a great endorsement of this approach.

Commenting on this important partnership, Gianluca D’Agostino, CEO of Neomobile, said, “I am pleased that Neomobile has been able to build its relationship with Crossrider so quickly that it is already a significant partner for Crossrider’s mobile activities by total advertising spend. The ability of both teams to improve the ways in which players in the mobile ecosystem can make money online is a great endorsement of the successful collaboration between our companies. I believe that merchants who look to us for new ways to increase their revenues as well as carriers who are seeking additional ARPU have already benefitted significantly from our access to the DefinitiMedia network and the effectiveness and reach of the Ajillion platform.

Koby Menachemi, CEO of Crossrider, said, “Having Neomobile as a customer had enabled Ajillion to focus its efforts in order to meet the future needs of mobile advertising, and its future clientele. Advertisers have been measuring their own KPIs for many years, especially in performance advertising. In order to measure those more accurately, they want better visibility of the media they are buying; to see the flow of traffic ‘with their own eyes’; and to improve their user acquisition funnel. Ajillion’s aim is to make mobile media buying and selling more accessible and transparent, and Neomobile’s choice of Ajillion as a strategic and collaborative partner has helped us to meet this objective. Direct advertisers who do not need a managed service can now use Ajillion to simplify, centralise and improve their operations”.

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