Neomobile enters the world of Digital Publishing

Neomobile proudly presents the latest creative project – Neomobile Magazine, available for download on the Apple App store

Our mobile-driven world provides endless opportunities to reach out and share. Embracing them presumes having something to say, something to show, something worth engaging in. Here at Neomobile we transform our passion for Mobile into quality content, on a daily basis, and publish it through our web sites, blogs and social media in 3 languages. The time has come to conquer one more medium: Digital Publishing.

Our goal is to expand our universe and at the same time interact with our readership, offering new kind of user experience. So feel free to tap, zoom, swipe and pinch throughout the articles, infographics  and videographics!

The App is available only for the iPad at the moment, but we’re planning to launch on other smart devices soon, so stay tuned.

We hope you’ll enjoy it and let us know what you think!