Neomobile presents new corporate video

When operating in one of the most dynamic and technologic sectors,  it’s important to constantly improve and renovate yourself. This doesn’t just apply business-wise but also on a communication level of social interaction.

As mobile technology lives through its momentum, Neomobile is firmly established as the new generation mobile content network and a mobile monetization enabler. We reach out daily to millions of users worldwide, through our innovative products, and to numerous digital companies that monetize their own content with our mobile payment solution based on carrier billing.

This wide audience inspires us to tailor our main messages to be informative, creative and to hopefully bring curiosity to all web surfers that come across our channels.

Therefore, we decided to animate our mobile world, inviting you to take a look through the kaleidoscope of our corporate colors and discover the exciting possibilities of cloud-based mobile content, HTML5 and mobile monetization in our brand new corporate video.

We hope you’ll enjoy it!