Neomobile supports the Italian Agile Day

Daniela Cecchinelli will be one of the speakers talking about the Lean & Agile transformation story of Neomobile


Neomobile is one of the main contributors for the next edition of Italian Agile Days that will take place in Brescia, on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th November. This will be the twelfth edition of the free conference dedicated to Agile methods for development and project management software that gathers software developers, project leaders, IT managers, testers, architects, and coaches who have experiences to share, or that are only at the beginning. As stated by the organizers, the event is a great opportunity to exchange ideas, with 3 main focuses: the practical knowledge, the field experience and active involvement of all participants.

Our company, which is undergoing the Agile transformation, will also have a speaker at the event: our Daniela Cecchinelli will share Neomobile’s “Lean & Agile Transformation Story”, with all the main challenges and opportunities this process inevitably brings.

Furthermore, Fabio Armani, our Lean & Agile coach, and one of the most influential figures in Lean & Agile development in Italy, will lead 2 sessions: the first on Lean Agile adoption in different contexts and the second on Lean Agile Prioritization Techniques.

Neomobile is a learning organization. We started our path to become a lean and agile company, follow the updates on our Blog.

For more information on the event visit (Twitter hashtag #IAD15)